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Peaceful Pivot, Fertility Control Loose Leaf Tea Blend

Peaceful Pivot, Fertility Control Loose Leaf Tea Blend

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Introducing Peaceful Pivot, an exclusive fertility control tea blend designed for empowered choices.
Our carefully crafted fertility control tea blend designed with your well-being in mind. This blend features the natural influences of Neem Leaf, known for its traditional use, and the grounding essence of Stoneseed Root.

Pomegranate Powder and Chamomile Flower add a delicate touch, while Pennyroyal Leaf and Queen Anne's Lace Leaf contribute to the comprehensive blend.
Discover a thoughtful and empowering approach to fertility control with Peaceful Pivot, meticulously curated for you.

Explore the essence of choice—available only at

Ingredients: Neem Leaf, Stoneseed Root, Pomegranate Powder, Chamomile Flower, Pennyroyal Leaf, & Queen Anne's Lace Leaf.

• Leaves can be reused again later the same day for another cup
• To make a stronger tea for a larger quantity, use 1/2-1oz of loose tea and steep for 1-4 hours at room temperature. Strain, refrigerate and use within 48 hours.

Each Tea Bag holds 1oz of tea by volume.
-approximately 6-10 servings (when using recommended ratio)

Directions: Place 1 tsp. of Tea Blend into a loose leaf tea diffuser or a tea bag included in your tea order!
In a heat safe mug, steep Tea Blend in 1 Cup of boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Drink and experience magic!

The jars are glass, please recycle or reuse after you’ve finished your tea ♻️

Please consult your doctor before starting any new herbal supplement.

Your tea will come nice wrapped and shipped via USPS with tracking.

Love, Peace and Happiness.
-The Simply Motherland Team

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